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Build Finance is a platform active in the medium sized professional Buy to Let financing market, where traditional banks have been in charge until now. Based on years of accumulated expertise, a highly experienced team has developed a financing proposition that meets the market needs with a fast, transparent and efficient process.

Build aims to make a significant contribution to solve the large housing shortage in the Netherlands, enabling people to rent their desired house at an affordable cost. Making a pleasant home possible, where people are happy and can build their future.


Mortgage proposition

Build offers mortgages from € 0.5 million to € 15 million to professional real estate investors on rented residential properties in the social and middle segment, including both houses and flats. The real estate financing is intended for both property acquisition, refinancing, as well as financing new construction and transformations. 



Build has an existing forward flow programme in place, whereby receivables are sold to investors on an ongoing basis. The programme was established in 2021 with Brand New Day Bank. A second investor, MeDirect Bank acceded at the end of Q3 2022. Build is constantly looking for new investors, to accede to this existing and documented forward flow programme.

Build offers investors a more attractive risk-adjusted return than traditional asset classes with Buy-to-Let residential rental housing mortgages. Unique Selling Points:

  • Easy access to a high volume of Dutch rental housing mortgages.
  • Limited credit risk.
  • Highly predictable rental cash flows.


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